How our Rigorous Program
Develops Leaders

An old proverb says, “He who follows the compass has freedom of the seas.” Link Year students leave the program with an internal compass that is re-calibrated with a passion to heed God’s calling as they navigate the journey they’ve been called to. Below are just come of the classroom exercises and curriculum we have built to equip our Link Year students to become leaders in their world.

Project 52

In addition to our curriculum at Link Year, we do what we call our ‘P52s.’ These are 52 core questions about God’s Word and understanding what it says, and each and every student – at the end of the year – is able to articulate what these 52 core tenants of what we believe are.


At Link Year, we don’t believe that learning is just being taught out, which is why we do APQs – short for apologetical questions – where students are able to articulate what they believe and why. 

Seven Pillar Project

Proverbs 9:1 – “Wisdom has built her house, she has raised her seven pillars.”

At Link Year, our scope and sequence is built through our Seven Pillars. Everything branches out from there. At Link Year, each student will develop their own personal life Seven Pillars that will help them  establish a foundation that will not be shaken .

Spiritual Gifts

Scripture tells us that God does not withhold gifts from anyone, and each and every single believer is given a spiritual gift. We at Link Year want to come alongside you to help you define what those gifts are and how to use it for God’s glory.

Inductive Bible Study

At Link Year, we teach students how to inductively study the Bible so they can open the book for themselves to learn, listen, study Scripture, and grow in their faith and knowledge of God.

Personality Assessments

Scripture tells us that we are uniquely formed by the Creator, so we take the time for students to dig into who they have been created to be. By taking personality assessments such as the Enneagram and the Birkman Assessment, our students have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and how they are wired before being told who to be by the world.


At the end of each semester, rather than taking a test or writing an essay, our students sit down in a safe and non-threatening environment to have a one-on-one conversation with one of our staff members to process all they have learned, digested, and reconciled over the semester. 

"The accountability at Link Year taught me the importance of finding it somewhere else. As I navigate college, it helps me figure out what it looks like to be intentional with other students, not only being poured into, but finding ways to pour out as well."
Shae G.
Class of 2017

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