While Link Year offers each and every student the same Bible-based courses which are designed to help them grow in their faith, we know that they also have a vast and wide range of interests. That’s why we offer four-to-five week electives for each of our students and give them the opportunity to sit under the teaching of a variety of different instructors, each of whom are leaders in their field.


What is a mortgage? How do you build your credit? What happens when somebody goes into debt? In the personal finance elective, students will learn about what it means to be good stewards of their money and what God’s desire for our finances are. 

Cooking Skills

In our cooking skills elective, students learn about healthy eating, food prep, cooking skills, and kitchen utensils… which is paired with fun activities like trips to the grocery store and end of semester cook-offs. Students will leave with a better understanding of not only how to cook and work in a kitchen, but also how to shop smart. 

Vehicle Basics

Our personal vehicle basics elective helps students learn the basics about their particular car. Whether it’s changing a car battery, changing tires, or anything in between, our students will learn about the upkeep of their specific vehicle.

World Religions

While every student is taught the basics of world religions, this elective offers a more in-depth study of world religions. Students will learn about Islam, Buddhism, Atheism, and Hinduism and how they contrast with Biblical teaching.

Spiritual Disciplines

There is a plethora of spiritual disciplines to learn about, and the purpose of this elective is to understand what they are and how to put them into practice. This elective is based off the book ‘Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life’ by Donald S. Whitney, and each week we go over specific spiritual disciplines including Bible Intake, Prayer, Fasting, Stewardship, Journaling, and more. 

Photo and Video

Students who have a desire to learn more about the world of digital media are able to walk alongside and learn from professional photographers and videographers through this elective. No special equipment or knowledge is needed for this elective, just a teachable heart and a desire to learn!

Lyrics and Lies

When students sign up for the lyrics and lies elective, they take a deeper dive into a topic taught in the classroom – how does the music we listen to influence our daily lives? We go over the what the input in our ears and eyes is, and what the media is trying to tell us versus what truth is.


Explore your creative side with our art elective. In this elective, students learn different skills and techniques from talented local artists, and they leave with such an appreciation for the greatest artist of all – the Lord Himself!

Exercise and Dance

In this elective, we get our feet and our minds moving! Students will learn different dance styles while memorizing scripture, resulting in refreshed spirits and minds.


Link Year is a 8 month Foundational Biblical Gap Year Program designed to build a solid foundation within each student. This program is passionate about further developing strengths within each student that attends our program through unique gap year experiences

"[At Link Year] I was not only exposed to a community that provided a form of love and encouragement that I had never experienced, but I was also exposed to critical thinking, work ethic, and recourses that are still helping me pay for my education in college today. "
Georgia-Ann S.
Class of 2020

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